Thermal grease

Thermal Interface for mouting your SSR on heatsink

for 30 SG/SVT relays or 60 SC/SO/SA/SU relays

The surface of a Solid State Relay or a heatsink is not completely flat. If you install a Solid State Relay directly onto a heatsink, there will be imperceptible gaps between them. Because air conducts heat poorly, these gaps significantly reduce heat transfer. Therefore, an interface material with a high thermal conductivity is required to fill these gaps. This improves heat conductivity between the SSR and heatsink.

You can choose between using a thermal paste (or grease) and thermal pads.

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Usable for 30 relays SG/SVT or 60 relays SC/SO (20ml)
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5TH15000 5TH15000 Thermal paste for 30 x SG/SVT or 60 x SC/SO Thermal paste
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