Burst control mode controllers

Burst control mode controllers 

This control mode is ideal for resistive loads that have a low thermal inertia, such as short wave infrared emitters (infrared heater bulbs).

It also makes it possible for the power to be finely modulated in accordance with the analog control, while limiting disturbances.

This control mode consists of switching the streams of full sine waves equally distributed along a fixed modulation period (TM) in accordance with the analog input signal. The μP constantly computes the number of full sine waves to be switched along the TM period.



Gradateur 75A/400Vac/Ctrl 0-10V/burst control
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celduc burst control mode SSR SO367001 75A 160-450VAC 0-10VDC Intermittent wave pulse controller SO3 CE - EAC - UKCA
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