The Operating Principles of Solid State Relays

Commonly known as SSRs, Solid State Relays represent 60% of celduc relais’ turnover. These innovative and very efficient devices are used to control all types of loads used across many industries. Their main uses are in:

  • Industrial heating and temperature control: plastic injection moulding, furnaces, power supply distribution systems, air conditioning, textiles, infrared heating, drying, thermoforming, etc.
  • Motor control: pumps, compressors, plastic injection moulding, conveyors, fans, etc.
  • Lighting: public lighting, cinemas, theatres, airport runway lights, road lighting, etc.
  • PLC interfaces
  • Transformer starting
  • Power factor correction
  • Uninterrupted power supplies

Every day new applications requiring reliability, silent operation and a long service life make the most of our innovative solid state relays that have that small but vital "extra" something when compared to our competitors' products.

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