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We require to control relays from a PLC. Do I need from my PLC a digital output or an analog output?
 Frequently Asked Questions SOLID STATE RELAYS   Commencé par A. R   2018-11-12 15:51:05 +01:00   Commentaires : 1    Vu : 810

  1. A. R
    A. R Administrator Administrateur
    If it is a SGT, the PLC output is digital. The power output can be modulated by PLC software by creating a PWM (pulse width modulation) and playing with the duty cycle. The cycle time should be 1 or 2 seconds to ensure a sufficient precision.
    If you want a thinner modulation (e.g. for infra red lamp control), you can use the SGTA series and choose either 4-20mA or 0-10V control input models.
    A. R, 2018-11-12 15:51:05 +01:00
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