Single Phase SSR

A complete range of single phase Solid State Relays

Discover our wide range of Single phase Solid State Relays :

  • our PCB mount SK range, available in various models ;
  • our SP-ST-SL range of interface relays,100% compatibles with electromagnetic relays with a 5mm width ;
  • our XK range of interface relays with integrated DIN rail adapters ;
  • our SE-SS range of I/O modules ;
  • our SF-SP7-SP8 range of miniature relays with FASTON or PCB terminals ;
  • our SCF in Hockey Puck design with FASTON connections ;
  • our SCFL-SON of EMC optimized relays ; 
  • our okpac® range (SO models) which combines innovation, performance and design in a Hockey Puck design;
  • our celpac® range (SA & SU models), 22.5mm pitch solution;
  • our SG4/SO4 phase angle controllers;
  • our power SOD & SILD SSRs with diagnostic features, etc.

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Product Search by Parameter

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